Whether you are looking to remove graffiti from your wall or rust from a building frame, we are able to offer you all your sand blasting needs.

Established in 1992, Gero Sandblasting has almost twenty years of sandblasting experience in the Johannesburg area. Our services are available throughout Gauteng and we strive to offer our clients an efficient, reliable and cost effective solution to a wide range of their sand blasting needs.

Our cleaning solutions are not limited to sand blasting only. We offer ultra high-pressure water cleaning and low pressure no damage cleaning for a range of cleaning problems you might have.

The high pressure cleaning is very good at cleaning roofs and building structures, and the water helps to keep all the dust and particles under control.

Our services are often used to remove old road marking off public roads, and the sand blasting leaves no damage to the surface.

If done properly, sand blasting and water cleaning can be used on delicate surfaces like wood without leaving any marks or sings of cleaning, other than the item looking rejuvenated and new.

We are able to clean marble and granite statues with light sand blasting to make them look attractive and respectful again, the way they were intended to look.

We work on all projects, and welcome commercial, industrial and residential clients to contact us for all their sand blasting and high pressure cleaning needs.

No matter what you are looking at cleaning, sand blasting or renovating, we are happy to assist you at any time.