About Us

Gero Sandblasting was founded by Robert and George Rettermeyer in 1992 and specialises in various forms of abrasive blasting, such as sandblasting and grit blasting to remove paint, rust, corrosion and other surface contaminants. Apart from sandblasting services, we also offer portable compressor hire.

Gero Sandblasting is committed to environmentally-friendly cleaning methods by using high-quality raw materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals or cause damage to the surface being cleaned.


Our services are primarily abrasive blasting, such as sandblasting, bead blasting, grit blasting and shot blasting within the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Gero Sandblasting is dedicated to providing superior quality sandblasting and coatings applications. We strive to operate in a safe, clean and experienced workplace. Our team and our infrastructure are constantly growing to such an extent that we can confidently say that we are on our way to being one of the leading corrosion protection and blasting companies in Johannesburg.

We are committed to provide a professional and friendly surface build on values and not a badge of achievement and we continuously strive to work better and more efficiently, without compromising on quality.

Our multi-skilled team offer coating application and blasting to a wide range of industries as:

• Commercial
• Mining
• Petrol Chemical
• Power Generation

• Pulp & Paper
• Bridge & Highway
• Food & Beverages
• Water & Water Waste

• Industrial Flooring
• Rail
• Steel Fabrication
• Pipelines

At Gero Sandblasting, we go the extra mile to offer our customers complete satisfaction, by providing the following cleaning solutions:

Why Choose Us?

Gero Sandblasting offers an array of commercial and domestic sandblasting and cleaning services. With over two decades of sandblasting experience you can rest assured that Gero Sandblasting can handle your specific needs and safety requirements for any job. Our blasting systems cause the least of damage to your property and are flexible enough to tackle the most challenging of projects, with the outcome being a rejuvenated and rust-free item.

Our aim

We strive to be considered one of the top sandblasting companies in the country. As such, we are expanding and well positioned to provide the most effective sandblasting services.

Our strategy

The strategy of Gero Sandblasting is to:

  • Increase our client base

  • Deliver a top-class, excellent service, our main aim being to build a relationship of interest, pride and trust between us and all our clients.

  • Provide a dynamic service through leadership, initiative and support.

  • Instil an excellent environment both internally and externally in customer service.

  • Recognise and empower the unique and individual contribution of each of our employees.

  • Attain and maintain the highest standards of quality.
  • Expand our financial strength and profitability.





We offer cost effective, efficient, high quality sandblasting solutions on par with international best practices with uncompromising value and ethics. Please get in touch with us today for a quote.